June 23, 2014

Flower "girl"

This pastel I painted a 
while ago reminds me of 
my two old college friends. 
"Earth Mother" Oksana,
and Janie the herb grower.
I can picture either of them
doing just this-gliding 
through fields of flowers
and herbs, bathed by the
sun, in solitude, picking up
gifts from the earth.

Pastel 8x10, framed $50.

June 11, 2014

Father's Day, pastel, Bohoy

Happy Father's Day 
Poppy, Pop, Papa, 
Grandpa, Gramps, 
Dad, Father...

Pastel, 5x7, $50.

May 30, 2014


In spring-
A dip in the ocean will turn you blue.
So the teal of a swimming pool calls for you. 
Chlorine, not sea smells, burn your nose.
No shells, just tiles lay under your toes. 
Warm but cool- 
it will have to do.
Swim little mermaid.

Watercolor, 8 x 10, $200.

May 7, 2014

Day of Reflection

Today is my birthday. May 7.
A day of reflection- always.
I did this art recently of my friend Zoe for the header of her blog 
http://beautifulbeyond50.com/  and it seems to appropriately fit this day.

Our friendship began when, as college women, we were both selected as Mademoiselle Magazine Guest Editors joining the ranks of accomplished "GEs" such as writers Slyvia Plath, Tama Janowitz, Joan Didion, Ann Beattie, Janet Burroway, Mona Simpson [Steve Jobs sister], Carol Brightman,  Francine du Plessix Gray; journalist Lynn Sherr, NY Times food critic Gael Greene, Fashionistas Betsy Johnson, Linda Allard, Bonnie August, NY Fashion Week founder Fern Mallis, and actress Ali McGraw. 

A once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We all went on to live our lives in different ways- some obviously more successful than others, but most of us are now at that age of reflection. Looking back, looking ahead, working on making ourselves beautiful beyond 50; inside and out. 
Today I will commence my next year of doing just that.

"Zoe in mirror", pastel 5 x 7, commission.

April 30, 2014

May Day

It's May Day!
Time to make traditional May Wine.

Watercolor, 4 x 10

April 2, 2014

Spring Robin in snow

The spring robin is dazed and confused.
As are we.
It's spring, but snow petals
are replacing our flower petals.

Watercolor, 5 x 7, SOLD

March 13, 2014

Floating at the Oscars 2014, pastel, Bohoy

The Oscar 2014 red carpet had lots of flowing trains, blush gowns, pregnant ladies and men in white.
I have painted the Oscar gowns since 2007. Click on the word "fashion" in the listing on the right of this blog and scroll down to see the previous years.

Pastel, 8x10.

February 14, 2014

♥ Love the one you're with, pastel, Bohoy

"Love the one you're with"
by Stephen Stills

Pastel 8x10 ©2007.